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Kawartha ATV Association

Kawartha ATV Association (KATVA) is a community advocate for safe and responsible use of ATVs and trails by all users. We encourage partnerships with other community based recreation groups as well as trail-dedicated organizations. Our membership is focused on educating all ATV users and others about ATV use. We support trail enjoyment and preservation for everyone.




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Courtesy Expected

Because ATV (KATVA) and motorcycle (KORMA) enthusiasts share trails with non-motorized trail users, trail etiquette is mandatory for our members. It is important for both the safety of other trail users and to maintain a favourable impression of our membership.

We expect our members to pull to the side of the trail in advance of people approaching on foot, bicycles, or horses. Further, with respect to horse riders, we encourage you to also shut of your engine until they have passed. This greatly lessens the possibility of an animal reacting negatively to your presence. If you need to pass non-motorized trail users to continue your ride, we encourage you to approach slowly and to attract their attention to permit your passage. KATVA-KORMA members must only ride on approved trails and should not trespass on private property. Failure to oblige by these simple ground rules may lead to a warning or possible expulsion, as well as loss of trail access for all members.

We’re Inclusive

You are welcome to join KATVA-KORMA and ride with us or on your own. We invite everyone, regardless of age, experience, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation pursue their enjoyment of our trails and the social benefits of membership. Our trail network is maintained and managed by our membership. That necessitates, a shared vision of safeguarding the future of our respective sports. We respect the environment and the rights of other trail users, adjacent landowners, and applicable laws. We offer camaraderie and a network of magnificent trails for rider enjoyment. Members of varying skill levels can pursue rides that are suitable for their individual experience. Anyone wanting to improve their skills or become involved in our club operations is encouraged to participate in skills training or in a role with our clubs.