Kawartha ATV Association

Kawartha ATV Association (KATVA) is a community advocate for safe and responsible use of ATVs and trails by all users. We encourage partnerships with other community based recreation groups as well as trail-dedicated organizations. Our membership is focused on educating all ATV users and others about ATV use. We support trail enjoyment and preservation for everyone.




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Trail Etiquette

KATVA members are obligated to apply common sense and courteous trail etiquette. This includes pulling to the side of trails for passing hikers, cyclists or horses. We stop and shut off our engines for horses, and wait for instructions from the rider. Our members ride only on approved trails and we do not trespass on private property.

Ride With Us

KATVA members enjoy dense forest tracts, natural vistas, historic stops, wildlife viewing, and majestic outlooks. A network of scenic routes, on natural trails throughout our region, offers trail riders more than they generally expect. Our membership respects the environment and the interests of others. You are welcome to join KATVA and ride with us.