The Easy Go Ride in the 5 Points, for beginners who want to advance, was held June 20, 2015. It was great to have a couple of our senior ride leaders, Tony Bullough and Tom Westacott, join in the ride, which consisted of 30 riders on 27 machines. Due to a lack of recent rain, the dust was a challenge on the road portions, but once in the 5 Points, that was not an issue. We had a couple of rad overheats, plus a wet belt, all of which were handled and the ride carried on, and a good time was had by all. This was a ride with a relaxed pace as well as a few more break stops than a regular intermediate ride. There were some water holes that only those who wanted to attempt did so and after seeing our experienced riders make it through – and not quite make it through – quite a number of rookies did try them.

We had a few new members as well as families sign up to our club, and welcome them heartily to our trails. We started out with 30 riders on 27 bikes, but somehow managed to gain 3 bikes and riders for a time. It just goes to show, even strangers enjoy our club rides.

Check out the fun in our Art Gallery for the 2015 Easy Go 5-points ride.