Kawartha Ride For Dad – On Saturday June 4th we held our second annual Ride For Dad Event. We had 252 registered riders plus additional guests attend the event. We raised over $13,000 in registration and pledges. We also raised over $3000 in sponsorships, with more still coming in as we speak. Thank you to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to put this event together. A special thanks to our junior volunteers who worked so hard setting up and managing the souvenir booth. We would also like to recognize the following people for their outstanding efforts:
Log Chateau Park Ltd Family Campground for allowing us to host the event on their property.
Burnt River Ontario Community Centre for allowing us to host the dinner and pretty much take over this beautiful little hamlet with our ATV’s
Carolyn LaPorte and Jim Laporte for all their hard work with sponsorships and silent auction prizes
Tracey Spiller-Gilmore, Nicole Stocks, and Jen Hickson for doing such a great job organizing the registration tables
The Reeds family for helping with sponsorships and prizes as well
Terri McGregor for managing the door prizes
The Bastedo family for help setting up and organize the souvenir table
The Laporte-Jones family and friends for their help in many different areas
Joan Breault and Dave Breault for keeping all of the finances organized for us
KATVA trail patrol for signing the route and making sure everyone found their way back safely
KATVA board members for making this event a reality

And last but definitely not least Rob Richards, Steve Green and Gillian Genereaux for the outstanding meal.

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