Saturday April 23rd was Victoria Rail Trail Cleanup day for the KATVA team of volunteers. More than 40 volunteers cleaned up garbage and debris along the entire 84 km length of the VRTC from Bethany to Kinmount. We get special permission from the City of Kawartha Lakes to be on the trail for one day to do the cleanup before the trails open May 1st.

While the VRTC is a multi-use trail, this cleanup day is an important community service we provide as the largest population of trail users in the City of Kawartha Lakes. We continue to strive to keep the trail clean and safe for all users including walkers, cyclists, horseback riders, snowmobilers and ATVers.

This is also an important day for many KATVA families who bring their young ones out to help with the cleanup, while learning a very important lesson about volunteering in their community. We also can’t forget the youth volunteers who came out on their own to earn volunteer hours. These young people are the future of our organization.

It’s days like this that make us all proud to be a part of the KATVA team.

2016 katva vrt cleanup2