About Rides & Events

Join us! We welcome you to join in the fun, meet other riders and see the trails.

KATVA scheduled club rides are a great way to experience new trails in a guided format. It is an excellent way to meet other club members, make new friends and learn from others. All club rides are conducted by a Ride Team and led by an experienced Ride Leader. Ride Leaders know the trails and will ensure everyone completes the ride safely. The Ride Leader is assisted by both a Middleman and a Sweeper. In some cases additional volunteers will be added to the group depending on how many riders we have. The roles of each Ride Team position is described later in this section.

These guidelines apply to all club organized rides:

After reviewing the Events and Rides Schedule, select a ride within your skill level. Do not join a ride above your skill level. To do so increases unnecessary risk for yourself and may jeopardize the ride timeline for more experienced riders.

Always register prior to the ride to confirm your attendance. REGISTER HERE  A Ride Leader will provide details pertaining to the ride, including a meeting location, time and relevant details.

Plan to attend the Ride Meeting to confirm details and meet the Ride Team. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid trail permit, plate, insurance and driver’s licence. No alcohol or cannabis use is permitted on rides.

The Ride Leader’s Meeting is called usually about 5 minutes before the start time provided. All riders and passengers must be signed in. If you are not a KATVA member, you can obtain a day pass from the Ride Team.

The Ride Team will be introduced, ride details will be confirmed – including any last minute changes – and a rider count will be conducted.

The Ride Leader will set the pace for the entire group. If you have difficulty keeping up, inform someone on the Ride Team at your first opportunity. Do not pass the Ride Leader or others unless directed to do so. Do not stray behind the Sweeper. If you have to temporarily fall back the Sweeper will stay with you. Ride Leaders schedule all breaks and lunch stops. Please wait for scheduled breaks if possible. If you must drop out of the ride, A Ride Team member will ensure you return safely to the start location.  Do not simply leave the club ride – communicate your intention to leave with a Ride Team Member.

The rider behind you in the procession is your responsibility. Know who they are and what ATV/SXS they are riding. If you lose sight of the rider behind you, slow to a stop and wait until they are in sight. Any single stoppage will result in a full stop of the entire procession. In the absence of communication between riders, this serves as a means to keep everyone together and to alert the Ride Team of any issues. When a trail branches off, stop and ensure the rider behind you sees which direction you travelled. After crossing a difficult section (i.e. ditch, mud hole, water crossing, steep hill), ensure the rider following you makes it through. It may be necessary for you to stop and assist or for you to attract others to help.

Be sure to signal all turns and stops, especially if you come across a hidden or potentially dangerous obstacle. Leave enough braking room between you and the rider ahead. This will vary with speed and trail conditions. Tailgating is dangerous.

Stay on the trail at all times unless otherwise directed by the Ride Team.

After the Ride

The Ride Leader will confirm all riders completed the ride and be available to address questions, concerns or suggestions. Take the opportunity to thank your Ride Team. Perform routine maintenance prior to your next ride.


  • Alcohol and illegal substances are not permitted on any KATVA ride.
  • All rides are subject to changes resulting from closures, weather or other circumstances.
  • It is prudent to check with the Ride Leader in advance of ride day to confirm details or address concerns. If you violate club rules or ride conditions you do so at your own risk.

Ride Team

In addition to the Ride Leader, all rides will have a Sweep Rider (runs as the last rider in the group at all times) and depending upon the size and makeup of the group, we may employ a Middleman. The number one job of the Ride Leader, Middleman and Sweep, is to have an enjoyable ride while ensuring that everyone gets back to the starting point safely.  We do not leave anyone behind.

Ride Leader – The Ride Leader is responsible for the entire ride. Each Leader knows the routes they lead and makes decisions regarding the speed, directions, scheduled stops and more for the entire ride. They will control the pace to ensure that all riders stay together. As the group size dictates, they may be assisted by a Sweep and/or a Middleman. With assistance from other members of the Ride Team, they may conduct periodic checks to ensure everyone is accounted for and adhering to ride guidelines.

Sweep – The Sweep (aka “Tail Gunner”) is responsible to ensure that no one is left behind. Their role is made easier by fellow riders who exercise their individual responsibility for the person behind them. As necessary, the Sweep will remain with anyone who is in difficulty (i.e. mechanical issue) or who must stop.

Middleman – When groups approach 20 in number, it is advantageous to use a Middleman to maintain a comfortable ride pace. If necessary, the Middleman will serve as either Ride Leader or Sweep.

Rider Responsibilities

  • follow Ride Team directions
  • know the whereabouts of the rider behind you at all times
  • at all intersections or crossings and in succession, make the correct turn or crossing and wait for the next rider to follow
  • assist fellow riders as necessary