Kawartha ATV Association

You are welcome to join KATVA and ride with us. We are a community-based ATV club that proudly promotes and offers, safe and enjoyable ATVing, in Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough County. We are centrally located in the heart of Ontario ATV country. KATVA members enjoy dense forest tracts, natural vistas, historic stops, wildlife viewing and majestic outlooks. Our membership respects the environment and the recreational pursuits of other trail users. We are the foremost advocates for safe and responsible use of ATVs in Kawartha Lakes.

Club History

In the spring of 1998, three Kawartha Lakes residents were discussing their recent ATV rides. During the course of that conversation the idea for a club was born.  The first members called themselves the Kawartha Trail Riders, created a club logo, and ordered some hats. Club numbers grew quickly to 50. Today the club, now includes men, women, and youth – more than 2000 members strong!

The popularity of ATVs brought about increased calls for regulations, safety, and trails. These complexities led the club to focus more on its organizational priorities, both to increase its visibility and build credibility. Collectively, those efforts were centred on attracting riders, creating partnerships, and building into the trail system. Numerous political and legal issues led the club to become an official Chapter of the Haliburton ATV Association (HATVA) in 2003. By 2006 and through 2007, there were several calls from members to further support the trail network in the Kawartha Lakes. Soon thereafter, local riders split from the HATVA and formed the Kawartha ATV Association (KATVA).

In recent years, as KATVA has evolved, efforts to educate riders, businesses, and political interests were expanded. It became increasingly apparent that long-term success for KATVA required concerted efforts to build programs around safe riding practices, trail maintenance, and tourism promotion. The club is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization. KATVA is committed to responsible use of Kawartha trails and to working with other user groups to enhance the trail network for everyone to enjoy.

Message from the KATVA President

Thank you to my fellow Board Members and to our volunteers for truly making a difference. Your contributions to maintaining trails, leading rides, patrolling trails, event management, and club administration are essential for the well being of our club and the growth of the sport we all enjoy. If you have not yet volunteered in some capacity, we want to hear from you. Your enthusiasm and talents are welcome.

As the sport of ATV riding builds across Canada, we know that:

  • government agencies monitor the sport and will continue to establish guidelines based on the sport’s track record
  • member organizations will be charged with the responsibility of promoting the sport and ensuring rider responsibility and safety
  • sponsors and manufacturers will expect a measure of responsible riding to attract positive attention and favourable association
  • manufacturers want the sport to evolve to drive technology advances and sales
  • insurance underwriters will escalate insurance costs if risk becomes too great

Off-road vehicle use faces ongoing challenges from individuals, municipalities, governing bodies, and industry watchdogs who want to restrict or overburden our sport. By ensuring KATVA has a high profile on the North American stage, we assert influence on policy making, legislation, and promotion of our sport. This affects every member of our club.

Over the course of the past few years we have raised our profile not only within Ontario, but on the North American Landscape. KATVA’s participation at a range of major trade shows and conferences has ensured we are a voice for our members and the sport in general. We have showcased our club and trails at Toronto Sportsmen’s Show and the Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV and Powersports Show. We were represented at national conferences including the Canadian Trails Federation Conference in Ottawa and the AQCC Conference in Prince Edward Island. Additionally, we attended National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council Conference’s in New Hampshire, Michigan and Nevada in 2019. Our participation at those events is crucial. As Ontario’s largest ATV club, our concerns relative to the sport are well received and our take-aways are helpful for our own club-building. We are also influencers, leaders and a resource for other organizations.

As an association, we have come a long way over the past decade. We can be especially proud of our accomplishments, specifically in the last three years, including:

Safety Development.
Several club members are certified CASI trainers. We are one of few clubs that can offer members basic, intermediate, and advanced skills development opportunities. Further, we are positioning our club to handle the likelihood of future licensing requirements. Safety and skills training helps safeguard our member riders and provides members opportunities to pursue their sport at the highest levels, perhaps even competitively.

Property Purchase.
The club purchase of a 104 acre (42 hectares) property that is located southwest of Loom Lake, at North Junction (T41and Fire Access Road) is a central access hub for the Five Points Trail System. Purchased by KATVA in 2019, the property secures ongoing access to a highly popular trail system for KATVA members and others. Additionally, the property itself promises to be a long-term asset for the club. It offers potential for new trail development and a site for club events.

Kawartha Off Road Motorcycle Association (KORMA)
After almost a year of planning, KATVA partnered with the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) to launch a new chapter club of the OFTR. Kawartha Off Road Motorcycle Association (KORMA), as it is now structured, will be administered under the direction of the current KATVA board of directors and will operate under the umbrella of KATVA.

Looking forward from 2020, we expect to grow our membership and influence on our sport, tourism, and economy even more. Learn more about these initiatives elsewhere on our website.

Our ATV trail network offers a variety of riding experiences for residents and visitors alike. In collaboration with tourism development in both Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough, we invite ATV riders to stay a while, visit for a day or overnight. You’ll want to return again and again.

Ride safe, live well.

Carolyn Richards,

Mission Statement

To be an advocate within our community for the purpose of promoting safe and responsible use of ATVs and to develop collaborative partnerships while respecting the environment and the interest of others.

Vision Statement

KATVA will strive to achieve the following for their members:

  • to develop, maintain and sustain trail connectivity
  • to promote and improve the public image of KATVA and the sport of ATVing
  • to develop and maintain positive working relationships with key stakeholders
  • to promote and educate the community about the healthy benefits of ATVing as a recreational activity
  • to dispel the myths in regards to the environmental impact of ATVs
  • to promote KATVA and ATVing, in a positive way, through the organization of and the participation in rides, special events and trade shows
  • to make ATVing available to all people of all abilities and ages (as the law allows)
  • to provide fun, safe and responsible family/group riding experiences for riders of all abilities and skill levels


KATVA’s primary alliances are with both the Haliburtion ATV Association (HATVA) and the City of Kawartha Lakes. KATVA also maintains memberships and relationships with several other organizations and businesses.

HATVA (Reciprocal Agreement)

KATVA has maintained a strong relationship with HATVA that continues to this day. In 2008, KATVA struck a formal agreement with HATVA to permit each Association’s members trail privileges in their respective jurisdictions. This arrangement is honoured by the respective municipalities, who in turn recognize valid KATVA or HATVA trail permits. The agreement is renewed annually. The Corporation of the County of Haliburton By-law # 3149 is a by-law to authorize an agreement with with the HATVA, Lake of Bays, Quad Niagara and Algonquin West.

City of Kawartha Lakes

KATVA is proud of its partnerships with the City of Kawartha Lakes and other local municipalities. Trails are maintained by KATVA members, volunteers and our community partners. KATVA has over 35 volunteer Trail Patrol that work with City of Kawartha Lakes By-Law Enforcement to ensure a safe and responsible trail riding experience.

Ontario Provincial Police

KATVA maintains an active relationship with the City of Kawartha Lakes O.P.P. Uniformed police officers patrol the trails to ensure ATV operators are in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act. Motor Vehicle Safety Act, and the Off-Road Vehicle Act. They enforce provincial legislation, especially licensing and insurance, speed and careless operation. You may also encounter By-Law Enforcement Officers of the City of Kawartha Lakes OPP Save Team who ensure various municipal by-laws. KATVA’s own Trail Patrol frequents the trails to ensure that ATV riders possess a valid permit and are operating their vehicle in accordance with rules and regulations, but also to address questions that riders may have about trail use. All parties want to ensure safe and responsible use of ATVs and our trails. Be sure to review possess a valid trail permit and to familiarize yourself with trail rules.

Protecting Your Privacy

KATVA is committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. Our Privacy Policy was introduced to comply with privacy legislation. All personally identifiable information about a member is considered personal information (“Personal Information”) and will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Identified Purposes

KATVA only collects, uses and discloses Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • offering and providing trail permits to you
  • establishing and maintaining communications with you
  • verifying your identity and the accuracy of your Personal Information with government agencies
  • facilitating your payment of membership dues
  • complying with the law or the requests of law enforcement agencies or regulators


Your knowledge and consent of KATVA collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information is critical. We rely on the following actions by you as indications of your consent to our existing and future Personal Information practices:

• your voluntary provision of Personal Information directly to KATVA for the purpose of applying form membership or related service or product
• your express consent or acknowledgment contained within a written, verbal or electronic application process
• your consent solicited by KATVA or its representative for a specified purpose
• your receipt of this Privacy Policy, until you notify KATVA of a withdrawal of this consent
• your consent given through your authorized representative such as a legal guardian, agent or holder of a power of attorney.

Subject to certain legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice, you may withdraw this consent at any time. KATVA will inform you of the consequences of withdrawing your consent.

In some cases, refusing to provide certain Personal Information or withdrawing consent for KATVA to collect, use or disclose your Personal Information could mean that we cannot provide you with a membership or related products, service or information. If you want to withdraw your consent to be notified of KATVA or its’ affiliates products or services, please contact our membership coordinator by email at membership@katva.ca

Limiting Collection and Retention of Personal Information

KATVA will only collect, use, or disclose Personal Information that is necessary for the Identified Purposes or as required by federal and provincial laws. If we require Personal Information for any other purpose, you will be notified of the new purpose, and subject to your consent, that new purpose will become an Identified Purpose. KATVA will only collect Personal Information by fair and lawful means.


KATVA will maintain your Personal Information as accurate, complete, and up-to-date as is necessary for the Identified Purposes. KATVA endeavours to collect, use and maintain personal member information in accordance with the Digital Privacy Act and by extension, the Personal Information and Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


KATVA will protect your Personal Information by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Safeguards will vary depending on the sensitivity, format, location and storage of the Personal Information.

Accountability, Openness and Customer Access

KATVA is responsible for all Personal Information under its control and has designated a Privacy Officer who is accountable for compliance with this Privacy Policy. You may request access to your personal information retained by KATVA in accordance with the federal Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Privacy Act. More information about access is available here https://www.priv.gc.ca/en/privacy-topics/accessing-personal-information/api_bus/

A copy of KATVA’s Privacy Policy (and any future updates) can be obtained from our website at www.kawarthaatv.com. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or your Personal Information, please call us. When you call us, we may confirm your identity by asking you to confirm certain Personal Information and you may be directed to send us certain requests in writing.

Challenging Compliance

If you are not satisfied with KATVA’s response to a privacy-related inquiry or complaint, you may contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada during business hours at 1-800-282-1376 or learn more about compliance and your rights at https://www.priv.gc.ca/en/


In keeping with the club’s efforts to promote its membership and safe recreational ATVing, the club embraced a rebranding in 2010. KATVA members are now more easily identified when on trails and in the community.

The club logo was developed to replace the existing black and red shield (crest) that had previously been in use.It was determined the club’s identity needed to reflect clearly the name of the organization and its connection to the environment. Blue and Green were selected as primary colours for that purpose. This logo is used on the permit decal and will be used for promotional apparel.

A secondary “corporate” logo was developed for business use on club stationery, documentation (legal), and the website. The logo design places greater emphasis on the club name.

KATVA is a community-based, family friendly organization. The current identifiers are easily recognizable by both members and non-members.



20/21 Permit Decal