Yesterday I received a call from City staff regarding ATVs on the trails and the amount of damage that’s being caused to the trails. Damage that we will have to pay to repair from funds we have set aside for other projects in 2020 such as building new trails and putting up signage in the Somerville forest. This letter came from the same staff who work with us every year to make sure that you have amazing trails to ride. They are also the same staff who are working with us to give SxS access to the trails and authorize us to build new trails. We have built an amazing relationship with the staff and council in this municipality and it’s time for those who continue to ruin it for the rest of us to stop their selfish behaviour. Show some respect to our organization and to the municipality and stay off the trails! Absolutely NO KATVA trails are open to ATVs or off road motorcycles until May 1st. If you know someone who is riding the trails, speak up and let them know it’s not ok. They are jeopardizing your privilege to ride the trails when the season opens and they are costing you new trails to ride. Whether we are paying for repairs or paying for paid duty OPP enforcement, your membership dollars are paying for their selfish behavior! Trail patrol and enforcement will be out starting today and anyone seen on the trails will be reported.

Carolyn Richards,