Brambles & Woods is a KATVA owned ATV park. It is a 104 acre (42 hectares) property that is located at the North Junction, where T41and Fire Access Road intersect. It is situated southwest of Loom Lake and more generally, is due south of Crystal Lake. The property is a central access hub for the Five Points Trail System.

Purchased by KATVA in 2019, the property secures ongoing access to a highly popular trail system for KATVA members and others. Additionally, the property itself promises to be a long-term asset for the club. It offers potential for new trail development and a site for club events. A preliminary site assessment done by Happy Trails Construction, Gooderham based professional trail builders, revealed the property’s primary offerings. That includes possible new trails with greater ride difficulty. ROHV trails, ATV trails, single track trails, and a mud play area could be developed on-site.

As the name implies, the property features some wooded areas, and natural features including: swamps, ponds, slopes, and hard rock surfaces. There are some scenic views and points of interest that are promising.

  1. The pond is located in the northeast corner of the property; it offers potential for lookouts and spurs for viewing. Additionally, the pond may be suitable for canoes and rowboats. Please note, no motorized users in the water.
  2. The ridge is located non the north side of T41; it offers potential for a switchback and bench to get up and an easy slope facing west to get down. Additionally, scenic views are present on both sides.
  3. The terrain offers hills and elevation changes; an abundance of soil on the surface offers potential for development of switchbacks and bench trails.

The preliminary assessment suggested an existing ROHV loop may be possible. Further, with nominal tree clearing, a VIP tour could likely be developed. 13 trail lengths totalling about 10 kilometres was identified.

With the property purchased and preliminary site assessment complete, KATVA can develop the park when priorities are determined and resources are allocated.