Great News Everyone!!! CKL council approved our request to amend the road bylaw which will allow side by sides to travel on any road in the City of Kawartha Lakes where ATVs are currently allowed to travel. This will allow you to ride from Kinmount all the way down into Fenelon Falls for food or gas. The only difference between ATVs and Side By Sides in the CoKL bylaws now is that ONLY ATV’s are allowed on the VRTC between Northline Rd and Garnet Graham Park, and ONLY ATV’s are allowed south of the village of Fenelon Falls on the VRTC during this 7 month trial period. No SXS are allowed south of Fenelon Falls, or on the small section of VRTC from Northline Rd to Garnet Graham Park, under any circumstances. Please respect the rules as this is only for a trial period and we are at risk of losing this privilege if we have irresponsible riders breaking the rules. We’ll post more information before the trails open on May 1st. Congratulations everyone and thank you again to our councilors, city staff, Somerville Forest committee and president Carolyn Richards for making this happen. It’s been a two year project to get this far, let’s make it a permanent bylaw change !!!!!