Frequently Asked Questions

Trails, Parking, Affiliations

Q: Where can I ride with my KATVA permit in winter?

All KATVA trails are closed for winter as of December 1st to April 30th. However, your KATVA permit allows you to ride on Lake of Bays and Quad Niagara trails 12 months of the year.

Q:   What trail passes are permitted on KATVA trails?

Only the following trail passes are recognized on our trails: KATVA, Haliburton ATV Association (HATVA), Algonquin West ATV Club, Lake of Bays ATV Club, and Niagara.  These are reciprocal agreements with KATVA, and as such, you may ride on any of their club trails as well. Combined, we have over 3000 kms of trails available to our members.  KATVA is the largest trail system.

Q:   Are there specific places where I may trailer and park?

If you need to trailer your machine(s) to reach our trails, parking lots are marked P on our map, which comes free with your annual membership.  All parking is at your own risk.  

For the parking at Ken Reid Conservation area (marked P7 on our map), parking is outside the gate. Please do not go into the conservation area.  

***Parking at Thunderbridge Road is not permitted as ATVs are not permitted on the roads south of Cty Rd 8 (Glenarm Rd), and to park at Thunderbridge Rd requires you to ride your ATV on the roads to access the trails.  

Keep in mind SXS are not allowed on any trails south of Fenelon Falls.

Maps are mailed directly to you when you purchase a trail pass online at under permits or at any of our retailers listed on our website. You may also purchase just a map at any of our retailers for $5. 

Q:   Do kids and passengers need a permit?

Only the machine(s) needs to be permitted.  Passengers do not. If you have multiple machines registered to the same immediate family member (parents, partners and children) of the same household, then a family pass is the most economical option.  Proof of address of registered machines is required.

Q:   Is it possible to get an online trail map?

Our trails map is available for download to any smart phone: “Polaris Ride Command”. It is free and does not require data while being used. (It works off GPS satellites.)

We are working with a new platform and hope to have trails maps available on our website in the near future.


Q:   Where can I stay and ride to the trails?

You can stay and ride directly to the trails from Log Chateau Park, Blue Oak Cottages and the Fenelon Inn. If you don’t mind trailering your machine(s) to the trails there are a couple of places in Lindsay, a nice one being the Kent Inn. Check our website under where to stay

Q:  Camping – Crown Land: Is anything like this in your area and where I can park my truck and trailer?

We do have crown land in our area.  However, it is very difficult to find an open campsite – most of these areas are filled up very quickly, so no guarantees.  And what a lot of people think is crown land could also be private property so you need to know where you are.  If you want to take a chance on finding a crown land spot – we recommend parking at the Superior Propane Parking lot on Cty Rd 121 just north of Superior Propane – people do park and leave their truck there (keep in mind this is at your own risk).  Don’t forget your ownership, insurance, driver’s license and trail pass – these trails are patrolled and checked.

However, what we recommend to people is to stay at a park – ie. Log Chateau Park (just north of Fenelon Falls and it is right on the Rail Trail).  Refer to our Where to Stay page


Q:   Where can I ride my SxS?

You can ride the VRTC north from Northline Rd to Kinmount. The Haliburton rail trail north of Kinmount is not currently open to SxS. The SxS must be licensed and insured, and you do need a trail permit.

Please Note: SxS are not allowed south of Fenelon Falls. There is a special road route from the VRTC north of Fenelon Falls into Fenelon Falls – and you are expected to stay on that route (from VRTC and Northline Road into Fenelon Falls).  This is detailed on our trails map. 

If you need to trailer your SxS to reach our trails, parking lots are marked P on our map, which comes free with your annual membership. Or you may purchase a map at any of our retailers on the where to purchase section on the permits page.

Trail permits are available on our Permits page. You can get a day pass, 2 day pass, week pass or annual membership. 

We are working on opening the trails up to SxSs to Bethany – and perhaps beyond. Watch our News Page or our facebook pages for notices and progress. They are also a good source of general information for riding.

Q: Are there any size restrictions?

The maximum width for a SxS on KATVA trails is 64 inches including all modifications. Be aware that some of the larger machines may have additional difficulty on some trails due to their width.

Q:   Can I ride my SxS into Fenelon Falls?

On our trails map there is a detailed map, on the VRTC side (lower left corner).  The route is clearly marked as well.  SxSs have to take Northline Rd out to Cty 121 and follow Cty Rd 121 into Fenelon Falls.

ATV/SXS Trails

Q: Can my children be passengers on my ATV or SxS?

Children must be a minimum of 8 years of age to be passengers on roads and trails.

Dirt Bikes and KORMA

For more KORMA related information please visit the KORMA page.

Q: Are your trails open to dirt bikes as well?

Dirt bikes are allowed on the VRTC north of Burnt River and on all our 5-points trails and in the Somerville Forest. You can enter the VRTC at Burnt River and ride north to Kinmount.  There are a number of 1 track trails through the 5-Points. We are working on the trail maps for dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes must be plated, licensed and insured and have a valid OFTR trail pass.  Our Motorcycle club is affiliated with OFTR – you purchase your pass from them.  When purchasing, please select the Kawartha group.

No off road motorcycles are allowed on the VRTC south of Burnt River.  It’s a $400 fine if you are found on the trails south of Burnt River. 

Q. Where can I get a permit for my dirt bike?

We now have a dirt bike club called Kawartha Off Road Motorcycle Association (KORMA) managed under the KATVA umbrella.  Check out the KORMA page.  Membership to KORMA is available through the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) club – their website is

General Questions

Q:   What do I need to know during hunting season while on KATVA trails?

In our area we have all typical hunts – turkey, bear, moose and deer – and all seasons apply – bow, shotgun, rifle and black powder. There are a number of hunt camps throughout our trails areas and local residents may also be on our trails hunting. We do ask riders to avoid these areas. In fact, one of our trails – Trail 50 – closes October 1st each year.  This is enforced with signs, closed gates and the property owners on site. 

We will post this as we get closer to the hunting seasons. 

Q:   What is the minimum age for children?

To be a driver, the minimum age is 12 years old on an age and size-appropriate machine and under your direct supervision.  The minimum age to operate an ATV crossing a road is 16 years old with a minimum G2 licence.  The minimum age for a passenger on all trails and roads is 8 years old, and they must comfortably reach the foot rests of the machine.  Only legal (factory-made) 2 ups are permitted to cross a road with a passenger of any age.  All passengers and drivers must wear an approved D.O.T. helmet – hockey helmets, bicycle helmets, etc, are NOT approved.