The numbers are in! As you know we’ve been advocating for opening the roads in Cavan Monaghan Township to ATVs and SXS. The Staff report has been posted and will been presented to Council this coming Monday (March 1st).


  • 423 Submissions: 277 for opening Cavan Ward to ORVs and 146 against
  • 3 Petitions received with a total of 674 names requesting opening the Township for ORVs

The ‘vote’ to open Cavan Ward and later look at the other 2 wards was almost 7 to 1!!! 

Link to the Staff Report: Cavan Monaghan ORV Staff Report – Feb 24, 2021

Thank You to All for your help to achieve these numbers on such short notice!  But we’re not done yet.


What’s next?

Council will be receiving the report this Monday, March 1, 2021 and will decide if they will just receive it or act on it now. We need Council to act on this at THIS meeting to be ready to ride legally this summer.

Mayor Scott McFadden and Councilor Tim Belch have supported opening the Township to OVR use in past votes.  Councilors Mathew Graham, Ryan Huntley and Cathy Moore have voted against.  However, Councilor Cathy Moore has stated publicly to many that she would “vote for ATVs if a majority of residents support it.’  We believe Councilor Moore’s vote is the swing vote.

We need you need to Act NOW.

Please email or text members of Council a quick, short but respectful note that you have read the Staff Report and are respectfully asking for immediate action to take place in order to allow legal ORV usage on Township properties in Cavan Ward by spring of this year.

Contact information is below.

Mayor: Scott McFadden


Text: 705-772-0360


Deputy Mayor: Mathew Graham


Text: (705) 418-1628


Cavan Ward Councillor: Cathy Moore


Text: (705) 760-3554


Millbrook Ward Councillor: Ryan Huntley


Text: (705) 760-1476


North Monaghan Ward Councillor: Tim Belch


Text: (705) 741-6976


Do this NOW – the Meeting is this coming Monday.


Once you and your family have done the above, please pass this information to your neighbours and friends. Let them know how important this issue is to you!

We stand united for Safe, Respectful, Responsible, Legal ORV Use in the Township.