Important Notice!

The speed limit on the Victoria Rail Trail from Garnet Graham Park in Fenelon Falls to Northline Road is 20km per hour.

The Victoria Rail Trail is a shared-use trail system that we are privileged to use.  It is not a right, and as such, we can lose it.  It is up all ATV riders to know and follow the speed limit and show respect for other users on the trail.

Specifically, the section of trail from Garnet Graham Park to Northline Road in Fenelon Falls sees a lot of use from motorized and non-motorized enthusiasts alike. We must all be respectful of each other’s right to use the trail – no speeding, minimize dust, pull off to the side to let others pass, etc.

Not only is this section of trail one of the nicest, most scenic sections of the VRT, it is an important link to Fenelon Falls.  Without it, riders would have to do the long ride on the roads from Northline Rd down into Fenelon Falls.  This will especially affect those who have kids who ride their own machines as they will not be able to get to town any longer.

So please, no speeding and show respect for other users.  You risk receiving a fine or worse, and the club risks losing the trail.