As hunting season approaches please remember that as of October 1st KATVA trail #50 will be closed to all motorized users. The is at the request of the multiple landowners on that trail who made this a condition of allowing us to keep a trail through their property and we completely respect their request. This is the trail that goes from the 5 points to Crystal Lake rd and connects with the village of Kinmount. Please respect our landowners and stay off this trail as of October 1st until the trails reopen next spring.

Each individual should verify the hunting season dates for their specific areas. The hunting season dates for those areas including our trails follow:
Black Bear – from September 1 to November 30
Moose – from October 19 to 25
Deer – rifle – November 4 to 17
– bow and Black Powder – December 2 to 8
– Bow Only – October 1 – Nov 3, Nov 18 to Dec 1, Dec 9 to 15