May 1st is here and for the first time in the 10 years I’ve been involved with the club the trails are not opening on time. I just want you to know that we are actively working on a solution to open the trails soon. I’ve had many discussions with City staff and councilors, and they in turn have been working with the health unit over the last week addressing any concerns they may have about opening the trails. We are hoping to come up with a plan that will allow us to open the trails while still keeping our community safe. There are so many variables that have to be considered, it’s not as simple as some of you may think. It’s not just about whether you are safe once you are on the trails, it’s about people traveling from other areas to our community to ride, purchasing passes at retailers, the safety of our trail patrol teams, increased pedestrian traffic on the trails, and the list goes on. We understand that for some riding is an important part of their mental health especially at times like this, but we also have to protect our most vulnerable residents and members. We are still working towards an opening date on May 12th and will keep you posted. I do ask that you respect those of us who give up so much of our personal time and work so hard to give you some of the best trails in Ontario to ride and stay off the trails until they are officially opened. Don’t make our jobs harder than they already are. Thank you to those who are mindful and showing their support.

Carolyn Richards