KATVA CASI instructors had a full house today at our course in Lindsay. There was a good mix of students with some novices looking to gain the skills required for a lifetime of safe, enjoyable ATVing, and some experienced riders who were looking to brush up on existing skills. The promised rains held off, although ATVers are a tough lot whose spirits are not dampened by a bit of rain. Everyone came away with a Canada wide accepted certificate, a student handbook, smiles on their faces, and hopefully a great deal of respect for the handling of an ATV as well as for
the environment and the trails we ride. We know they will be great ambassadors for our sport.

We have 5 certified CASI Trainers. Let us know if you are interested in a course. They are held when there is enough demand to run one. we need 4 or 5 trainees to run the course. If you are interested email our trainers at ‘ridesafe@katva.ca’ .