For the second year running, the KATVA has joined with OF4WD and Twin Mountains Snowmobile Club to participate in the “ATV and OF4WD Ride” in support of the annual Kinsmen Toy Drive. This year the ride was held on Saturday September 13 at Twin Mountains Snowmobile Club on Bass Lake Road north of Bobcaygeon.

Paul MacPherson, attending on behalf to the Kinsmen Club of Lindsay had this to say: “I had the pleasure of going out to visit the KATVA ATV and OF4WD Ride in September. I admit it was my first time on those trails. There were approximately 50 vehicles and 80 participants in this event. The President of the Association, Carolyn Richards presented us with $1,070, in addition to a very nice collection of toys that will be brought out to this year’s Toy Mountain in December. This gives our club a huge boost to kick off the 2014 Kinsmen Toy Drive, many thanks to Carolyn, the KATVA and all the participants that were so generous.”