The team here at KATVA pride ourselves on always thinking outside the box and we’re never afraid to try something new. In that spirit we are excited to announce another first for the off road motorsports groups in Ontario!!! After almost a year of planning we are partnering with the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) to launch a new chapter club of the OFTR called the Kawartha Off Road Motorcycle Association (KORMA). KORMA will be run under the direction of the current KATVA board of directors and will operate under the umbrella of KATVA.
We saw an opportunity to open and promote our trails to off road motorcycle enthusiasts as we are seeing more and more families with both ATVs and dirt bikes who want to be able to ride together. While some of the trails in our area have been open to off road motorcycles for many years, none of the trails have been mapped or properly signed, but we’re going to change all that. We have plans to not only map the existing trails, but we will be building new single track trails in the future. We will also be working closely with our neighbors to the north, the Haliburton Trail Riders, and we look forward to learning best practices from them.
Stay tuned, we will continue to post more information as we continue to develop this new organization.