KATVA ride schedule – register for a ride !!!!! To all riders looking to join a club led ride – these are found on our website katva.ca under ride schedule. We ask that you register for the ride – and please not last minute. The demand for our rides has really grown to the stage that we need to limit the number of riders on some of the rides – this is a safety and practicality issue – we have only so many volunteers as ride leaders, sweep, and helpers for these rides and too many riders just makes the ride unmanageable. Gone are the days when you could just show up and join the ride – When you register pay close attention to the ride details – if the ride is a beginner ride – it goes at a slower pace – and will not include really difficult trails, and mud wherever possible. this makes it a bit boring for expert riders. if it is an expert ride — then beginners would have great difficulty on the ride – stick to those rides that match your skill level. Don’t be disappointed – register for the ride as early as you can – this week we have had to turn some away from the July 6th ride – there were just too many for our volunteers to handle !!!!