The day is finally here!!! The trails are officially open. Before heading out please make sure you understand the following and adhere to it:
– Passes will only be sold online until further notice. If you are not already a member or are due to renew your membership go to to purchase your membership and print off your paypal receipt along with the temporary pass and carry them with you or be sure they are accessible on your smart phone.
– If you do not already have a residence here please make sure that you bring your own food and plenty of gas for duration of your stay as we have limited services available and do not want to overburden our communities
– Do not ride around in the towns such as Fenelon Falls and Kinmount unless it’s just to connect between the trails.
– Do not ride in groups of more than 4 as tickets will be issued by law enforcement when necessary
– Do not congregate in parking lots, parks, staging areas or on the trails, again provincial restrictions still apply
– The fine for riding without a trail pass has been increased to $305 and will be enforced
– There will be a heavier presence of non-motorized users on the trails so please reduce your speeds and be mindful of others on the trail for everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the trails
– SxS are only allowed on the trails from Northline Road north to Kinmount and in the Somerville Forest and the 5 points
– The maximum width for a SxS allowed is 64 inches
– All passengers on ATV and SxS must be a minimum of 8 years of age
The following trails are still temporarily closed:
Trail 96 – Millenium Trail
Trail 93 – Millenium Trail
Trail 50 – 5 Points
If you see any problems on the trails please take photos if possible and text them to 705-328-0931 or send us a pm