Kawartha Off-Road Motorcycle Association


The Kawartha Region is home to some of the best off-road motorcycle trails in Canada. The history of Kawartha off-road motorcycling runs deep. Home to the legendary Corduroy Enduro, “Canada’s Toughest Race”, these trails push the most advanced riders to their limits. Complementing the most extreme of riders, the single-track tracts like Somerville Forest wind gracefully through lakes, Canadian Shield, and majestic sunlit pines. Whether you are an expert, beginner, or somewhere in between, Kawartha single track has the perfect adventure to add to your life’s best memories. 

To protect and improve these trails for the off-road community, KATVA has partnered with the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) to launch our own chapter club of the OFTR. Kawartha Off Road Motorcycle Association (KORMA), as it is now structured, is administered under the direction of the current KATVA Board of Directors and operates under the umbrella of KATVA. It is a natural progression as our sport continues to grow and expand with more families looking to ride together on ATVs, SXS and dirt bikes. 

In furthering these goals, KORMA intends to improve mapping, signage and safety in our expansive trail network. Major projects planned for 2021 and 2022 including expanding the accessible maps to our members and building more single track trails for our members to enjoy. As we do this, we will work closely with our neighbours to the north, the Haliburton Trail Riders (HTR), as we similarly work with Haliburton ATV Association (HATVA). 

With the combined efforts of KORMA and KATVA, we hope to make Kawartha a top destination for off-road motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. Having partnered with Ontario’s largest ATV club, KATVA, and their proven accomplishments, places us at a significant advantage in representing our interests in this sport. 


To register for KORMA, please visit the OFTR Member Application here and to add “Kawartha Off-road Motorcycle Association” as your primary or additional club during registration. KORMA members will not only receive the benefits of our local club, but also access throughout Ontario to all OFTR trail and mapping systems.




The first annual Kawartha Kraken is upon us! Join us for the KORMA members-only event that will take you in a single day through 100km+ of some of the toughest terrain Ontario has to offer. This ride is not for novice riders. At a minimum, it will require intermediate to advanced skills, along with mental and physical toughness. Conquering the Kraken is a feat soon to be revered among the off-road community. Like the legendary sea monster itself, the Kraken is a monstrous, unpredictable, and wet ride that will challenge even the most hardened of off-road sailors. The rides will be arrowed and led by group leaders familiar with the route. GPS tracks of the ride will not be provided as much of the route crosses private property; however, it is encouraged to bring GPS in the event of losing the group. 


The “Drake Passage” (Advanced/Expert). This ride and class is meant for highly experienced riders who are capable of confidently navigating extremely difficult terrain under wet and cold conditions. Completing this ride will require physical fitness, mental, and physical toughness. Riders will be required to execute “hard enduro” skills which include steep and precarious hill climbs, deep mud or water, drop-offs and step-ups, navigating low-traction obstacles and trails, and advanced bike control. The total kilometres of this ride will exceed 100km in a single day with a gas stop and lunch along the way. The ride will culminate with a final ascent up the legendary “Greens Mountain”. This ride is not suitable for dual-sport motorcycles and designed for purpose built off-road machines capable of travelling 75km+ without need for fuel. Gummy tires equipped with mousses or low psi Tubliss systems are recommended. 

The “Black Sea” (Intermediate/Advanced). While not as challenging as the “Drake Passage” ride, this ride is still difficult and intended for intermediate to advanced riders. In a single day of riding, riders will be expected to travel over 80km with a gas stop along the way. Like the “Drake Passage” ride, this ride will require physical fitness, mental, and physical toughness. Riders will be required to navigate moderate to significant hill climbs, obstacles, deep mud, and slippery conditions. This ride is not suitable for dual-sport motorcycles and designed for purpose built off-road machines capable of travelling 75km+ without need for fuel. The ride will be arrowed and lead by group leaders familiar with the route. 


June 26th: “Drake Passage” – Advanced / Expert (presently limited to 25 KORMA members due to provincial COVID regulations)

8:00 a.m. registration; 9:00 “kickstands up and rolling” 

June 26th: “The Black Sea” – Intermediate / Advanced (presently limited to 25 KORMA members due to provincial COVID regulations)

9:30 a.m. registration; 10:30 “kickstands up and rolling”


Location provided in confirmation email upon completion of registration.



This price includes a BBQ lunch, a t-shirt, medal upon completion and other Kraken memorabilia. 


  • Bug spray / bug head net
  • The ability or means among your group to do trailside repairs / tire change / dewatering of bikes
  • The ability or means among your group to navigate GPS routes
  • Spare spark plug(s)
  • Ample water supply (though Camelbak or other hydration systems)
  • Spare gas can to leave at the gas stop
  • Other preferable gear/skills include InReach rescue systems, a personal tool-kit, personal first aid kid and/or skills, trail side snacks, portable water filtration system


These rides are subject to cancellation, rescheduling, and compliance with municipal, provincial, and federal laws and regulations relating to COVID-19. It is expected that all riders will take required measures to follow applicable laws and regulations in addition to those rules specifically set out by the local club at the time of the event. KORMA reserves the right to prohibit participation to any member who fails to act in accordance with these terms and take further action as the circumstances may require. In addition to the inherent risks associated with off-road motorcycling, participants accept the additional risks COVID-19 creates for riders and indemnifies KORMA, the local municipalities(s), organizers, volunteers, other riders, and municipalities from any COVID related consequences or effects upon personal health and well-being that may flow from participation.


Only registered riders may attend or participate in the ride on their respective ride dates. Unregistered riders will be turned away. There will be no on-sight registration. All riders must register online and in advance. Riders are not permitted to register or attend for more than one day unless authorized by KORMA for the purpose of providing support or volunteering. Riders must be a member of KORMA, be over the age of 16, and properly insured / plated for the trails in Ontario.

Refunds will be provided if the event cannot proceed due to COVID restrictions. Refunds beyond that will be made on a case by case basis with open spaces, upon refund, going to KORMA members on respective waiting lists. Registration is limited to KORMA members and is non-transferable.