Lindsay Road Route Update – In case you missed the Committee of the Whole meeting on September 7th, you can watch the meeting through the link below.

In the meeting councilor Veale made a motion to look at building a recreational bridge over the Scugog River to redirect ATVs and sleds to the north end of town. For those new to the area, this bridge has been discussed at length for over 10 years and nothing has ever come of it.

After councilor Veale made the motion mayor Letham “guided” him into adding that the route through Lindsay would be taken off the table completely. Councilor Veale went along with that “guidance” and council voted in favor of the motion. The vote was split 4 to 4 and the mayor was the deciding vote against allowing the route through Lindsay to go ahead.

Just so you understand how this works, the final vote doesn’t happen at the committee of the whole. The motion that was made and voted on their will now go to the regular council meeting on September 21st for a final vote. This is just a formality but also a last chance to get the councilors to change their vote or extract parts of the motion.

Those who voted in favor of shutting down a route through Lindsay were:
Councilor Pat O’Reilly (south Lindsay ward)
Councilor Emmett Yeo (Cobonconk ward)
Councilor Doug Elmslie (Fenelon Falls ward)
Councilor Andrew Veale (Little Britain & Woodville)
Mayor Letham was the deciding vote in their favor

So 3 of the 4 councilors who voted against ATVs on roads actually are councilors whose wards currently benefit from the ATVs on their roads and spending money in their businesses. Does that make sense to you?

The only chance we have right now is for you to reach out to the councilors and the mayor and ask them to change the outcome on September 21st or to ask the other councilors to extract that portion of the motion that closes the option of having a route through Lindsay.

There is also another task force meeting this morning at 10am that you can watch on Youtube to see what direction the task force goes in response to last weeks meeting.

Here’s the link to the committee of the whole meeting:…