We’ve done it again!!! KATVA has partnered with Polaris Ride Command to offer our members access to a mapping tool that’s available for use on your PC as well as in a free app. Just go to the app store and search Polaris Ride Command or google it on your PC. Once you’re in the map search Kawartha ATV Association and it will direct you to our trails. There’s also a link there to take you to our website to buy your trail pass.

Polaris is still developing and updating this product all the time so we look forward to seeing what changes they come out with. There are some limitations such as we cannot clearly distinguish roads from trails but if you zoom in you will see the KATVA trail number or name of the road appear. The roads we have identified are the ones that are the quickest and safest links between trails. Use the legend to distinguish the difference between trails that are large enough for all OHVs up to 64 inch SxS and those that are only wide enough for ATVs and 50 inch SxS.

Please remember that this is only a tool and if you have any questions about the trails, access or level of difficulty you should always refer to our website or contact us for more information.