Please note that the City of Kawartha Lakes has started installing the first of many gates to be put up to control the size of ATVs and SxS allowed on the trails as well as keep cars and trucks off of the trails. The first set of gates installed this week was just north of Superior Propane.
As we’ve said since the beginning of the pilot project the maximum width allowed on the VRTC and Somerville Forest is 64 inches and they are going to start enforcing this width moving forward. The gate opening is 68 inches so even if your machine came from the manufacturer at 64 inches and you modify it beyond that you won’t be able to use the trails. The fine for having an unauthorized motor vehicle on the trail is $400. Do not drive around the gates as that is causing damage and will jeopardize the pilot project for SxS that ends this fall.
If you are parking at Superior staging area and have a larger machine your only option is the 5 points trails and you can drive up Cty Rd 121 to get to the 3rd Concession and then cut across to the 5 points. The same restrictions don’t apply to our trails in the 5 points although some trails are a tight fit for the larger machines.