New Projects Bring New Partnerships

January 27, 2015

Trail Signage in Somerville Forest

New discussions are in play with the City of Kawartha Lakes Parks and Recreation to assist in way-finding in the municipally owned Somerville Forest. The request is to assist by installing directional and way-finding signage, for the benefit of all users touring the trails off the Victoria Rail Trail.

Plans for enhancement for the trail head
near Fenelon Falls

Located at the Superior Propane parking lot area, this open area is now commonly used for parking and meeting area. The KATVA is spear-heading location enhancements for a multi-use year round rest area for ATV riders, cyclists, horseback riders and snowmobilers ensuring access and facilities for all types of trail users.

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Annual National AQCC Conference held in Newfoundland

January 27, 2015


Annual National AQCC Conference held in Newfoundland

AQCC Conference held in September in St John’s, Newfoundland was attended by two representatives from each province. Carolyn Richards, President of the Kawartha ATV Association and Bruce Murphy, President of the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs were honoured to be there representing Ontario. This national gathering focuses on issues that affect all riders across Canada, as well as the goal to standardize safety training in all provinces and territories, as outlined by the Canadian AQCC Safety Institute (CASI). The course offers students an opportunity to increase their safety knowledge and to practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a licensed Instructor.

The All-Terrain Quad Council of Canada (AQCC) is a united group of provincial/territorial Federations or Associations across Canada that represents ATV riders’ best interests. Major focus now is the establishment of a national trail system that will link all jurisdictions in Canada. This organization is the national voice that speaks to various governments or partner organizations on behalf of ATV enthusiasts. Their mission embraces five areas of focus: safety, land access, land management, environmental concerns and long term funding. AQCC is also proactive, promoting ATVing as a fun sport enjoyed with friends and or family members while adhering to a code of ethics. The AQCC mandate is to improve and develop the sport of All Terrain Vehicle / Quad riding nationally by providing a strong support to its member organizations.

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Trail Maintenance Made Easier

January 27, 2015

Trail Maintenance Made Easier

It is very likely you will come across KATVA’s new Trail Maintenance and Safety Vehicle, especially if your adventure takes you to the Five Points trail system. Our UTV was purchased earlier this year with sponsor support from both Yamaha and McGregor Sportsline. This multi-purpose vehicle has been generously equipped for trail maintenance and safety tasks.

Our Trail Maintenance Leads, Ron Genereaux and Gary Von Roden, routinely respond to maintenance priorities. When called upon, they now deploy the UTV. Depending on trail conditions, the trail maintenance crew can be on site in places like Five Points for several days in a row. Both for time saving and safety, it had to be well appointed for known or unexpected maintenance tasks. Further, ensuring the vehicle was equipped with safety gear provides peace of mind for the maintenance crew. It also enables them to assist riders requiring some attention for themselves or their ride, should that need arise.

Trail maintenance equipment carried by the vehicle includes: a chainsaw, a pole saw, a long handled brush cutter, and accessories. Safety equipment includes: a heavy-duty winch, a tire repair kit, a first aid kit, a tree belt, towropes, and more. The long handled bush cutter was instrumental in clearing the massive number of wild blackberry bushes and thorny stems from encroaching on trails. A lot of trees fell on trails this year due to high winds and wash outs. The trail maintenance crew was able to clear trails for riders. That will continue to be a focus for the crew next year too.

Trail maintenance is ongoing and expensive. It requires the right equipment, dedicated volunteers and cooperation with other parties. During 2014, two major bridges were replaced – one in conjunction with the Buckhorn District Snowmobile Club. The crew worked on the bridge for three long days. Another bridge was rebuilt in conjunction with the Twin Mountains Snowmobile Club. The UTV was instrumental in getting the tools and people to bridge sites – particularly where everything had to be ATV’d in.

The trail maintenance crew looks out for riders in need of help. Numerous flat tires have been repaired with assistance from the crew, enabling riders to continue their journey and carry on having fun. Mechanical help has been provided to disabled ATVs. Where possible, stranded ATVs are repaired on-site and driven out by their owners. Several rides have been towed out to the closest road access, while riders themselves were transported back to their vehicles. The latter service to stranded riders ensures they can get their ATV and make their way home.

The UTV is well marked and decaled. It’s easily recognizable and a positive addition for KATVA. If you see the Trail Maintenance Crew and UTV, you are welcome to stop to talk or even offer a hand.





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KATVA Members Give Back

January 27, 2015

For the second year running, the KATVA has joined with OF4WD and Twin Mountains Snowmobile Club to participate in the “ATV and OF4WD Ride” in support of the annual Kinsmen Toy Drive. This year the ride was held on Saturday September 13 at Twin Mountains Snowmobile Club on Bass Lake Road north of Bobcaygeon.

Paul MacPherson, attending on behalf to the Kinsmen Club of Lindsay had this to say: “I had the pleasure of going out to visit the KATVA ATV and OF4WD Ride in September. I admit it was my first time on those trails. There were approximately 50 vehicles and 80 participants in this event. The President of the Association, Carolyn Richards presented us with $1,070, in addition to a very nice collection of toys that will be brought out to this year’s Toy Mountain in December. This gives our club a huge boost to kick off the 2014 Kinsmen Toy Drive, many thanks to Carolyn, the KATVA and all the participants that were so generous.”

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A Feature on National ATV/ROV Training by Bruce Murphy, President, OFATV

December 2, 2014

From Bruce Murphy   President, OFATV

I was asked to provide an article for the latest Go Riding Magazine. It was to feature and focus on National ATV/ROV Training. So i based it my latest adventure to ASI for ATV and ROV Course training and also took some exerts from our Proposal to COHV for the funding.

Please share with your Rider Federations.

Live link:


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“On the Right Trail”, a new video released by our friends south of the border

November 24, 2014

OHVCC created this video in partnership with the Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association (MTVRA) and Montana State Parks.  This video is used, along with a curriculum, to teach basic safety and ethics of OHV riding to Montana public school students.

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Mud Run 2014

May 29, 2014

Our annual mud run was well attended. Many thanks to Corrie Hynes for great photos. Fun was had by all!! Check out the photo gallery. Thanks to James Laport and Rob Richards , our ride leaders for the day!!

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KATVA Maintenance Vehicle unveiled May 21st.

May 22, 2014

katva maintenance utv 008 katva maintenance utv 009

The KATVA Board of Directors unveiled the clubs new 2014 Yamaha Viking trail maintenance and safety vehicle at our Board Meeting May 21st. Thanks to our sponsors Yamaha and McGregor Sportsline for helping us make this possible. The designated use for this unit will be trail maintenance in the 5-Points trails system. Keep an eye out for it when you are riding. Chances are you will come across the 5 Points crew while they are working on keeping the trails clear and safe for all trail users. Stop and say Hello and please thank them for all the hard work they do.

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We’re Making a Difference

May 20, 2014



We’re Making a Difference

KATVA started as a small club in 1998 and is now the largest single ATV club in Ontario. With more than 900 members the club has grown in numbers and in impact on the sport.

Industry Impacts

Our club Vice-President, Carolyn Richards and Bruce Murphy, President of Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs represent Ontario on the All Terrain Quad Council of Canada (AQCC). The AQCC addresses issues facing the sport across Canada and meets annually in a different province each year. You may know them for managing CASI, a nationally recognized rider training program. Active involvement allows KATVA to share its experiences with others and to learn from different jurisdictions too. Additionally, our joint participation on the AQCC has helped us strengthen our connection to the OFATV. Carolyn Richards said, “We’re in a better position to help advance our sport locally and to help build into the sport across Canada – that’s great for all enthusiasts and supporters of the sport.” The next conference is scheduled for September in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Tourism Contributors

We participate frequently at trade shows that promote ATV use, the outdoors, and tourism. We now regularly attend the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show and the Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV and Powersports Show. At those shows we promote both our sport and our tourism industry. We’ll be attending the first ever Bass Pro Shop ATV Exhibition in April. Locally, the club is a strong advocate for alcohol free, family friendly, and safe riding. However, that does not overshadow our goal of ensuring riding opportunities are both fun and challenging. The club is committed to helping improve our trails and to ensuring safe riding practices. We contribute club dollars and time to projects that benefit all trail user groups. A recent example includes our donation of an ATV to the City of Kawartha Lakes Municipal ByLaw Enforcement Unit for trail monitoring. This Spring we will again help clean-up Lindsay’s Rotary Trail. These and other projects aimed at enhancing local and visitor experiences on all Kawartha trails underscore the club’s commitment at all levels.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in KATVA initiatives, email us at

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Welcome Riders

May 20, 2014



Welcome Riders

We plan rides for members, guests, and visitors that appeal to beginner, intermediate, and expert rider skill-sets. If you are new to KATVA and have not participated in one of our organized rides, we invite you to join in the challenges and fun. If you are not a member of KATVA or live outside our ride area, but want to participate, we welcome you. All riders, club members or not, must pre-register for organized rides. Additionally, you are responsible for ensuring that you have a valid KATVA or HATVA membership or permit, which can be purchased on ride day.

The rides vary in length, location, and season to ensure that there are several opportunities to experience Kawartha trails and the camaraderie that happens during each ride. All riders must possess the appropriate riding skills required for any ride. We enforce a zero tolerance for alcohol on all rides for safety and insurance reasons. Valid insurance is your responsibility.

Here’s a selection of scheduled rides for the upcoming season:


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VRT Cleanup – Great Job Done and Thanks to all volunteers !!!!

April 27, 2014

On Saturday April 26th a large number of KATVA volunteers completed their annual cleanup of the Victoria Rail Trail. A photo gallery has been created to capture the spirit of the event. Many thanks to all those who participated !!  It was surprising how much we picked up – several trailer loads were sent off to the dump. Fun was the order of the day !!

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Winter ATV Trails in Ontario – Go Ride

March 31, 2014

GO Ride and is featuring… ‘Winter ATV Trails in Ontario’ – by Corrie and Shawn Hynes of KATVA.

Check it out!

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Big Toys for Kids Toys Joint Trail Riding Event

December 4, 2013

JointRide04Trail riding throughout Ontario is without a doubt booming on all fronts. Whether you ride an ATV, Dirt Bike, 4WD or a Snowmobile the sport of trail riding has something for everyone and is a great way to spend a weekend or an evening with family and friends.

The question is, can we be friends and co-exist on the same trails with people who ride a different machine from ourselves?

Massive Storm from 2011 The answer is ABSOLUTELY!!!!


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Donation of ATV for Rail Trail Patrol

June 25, 2013


The City of Kawartha Lakes Municipal Law Enforcement Office is pleased to announce the generous donation from the Kawartha ATV Association (KATVA) of an ATV for the use by Municipal Law Enforcement Officers to patrol the Victoria Rail Trail. Another ATV was recently purchased providing two machines for enforcement.

“With these new ATVs Municipal Law Enforcement will be able to patrol the full Victoria Rail Trail,” said Gord Garfield, Manager of Municipal Law Enforcement. “Officers will be out on weekdays and weekends checking that ATV users have a permit issued by the KATVA to ride on the trail. KATVA Wardens as well as Police Officers will also be out on the trail monitoring the ATV riders.”

Photo (l to r): Stacey Collins, Terry Hickey, Jacob Bartlett, Jenn Toste, Aaron Sloan, Gord Garfield (Manager), Bob Low, Carolyn Richards (Vice President KATVA), Craig Weekes, Brent Mace.


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