RAFFLE WINNER! (7/24/2021)

Are you the winner of our KATVA Summer Pop-Up Shop of Saturday, July 24th?

Contact us to claim your prize, which includes KATVA, Kawartha Lakes Off-road Recovery and Orillia Off-road Recovery swag, as well as a KATVA Single Annual Membership! Winning ticket must be claimed by July 31, 2021. If not claimed, a new ticket will be drawn.

Thank you to the amazing volunteers who helped make this a successful day, and to the awesome club members who want to show their club pride!


We will be having a KATVA Summer Pop-Up Shop this Saturday, July 24 from 8am to noon at the Superior Propane Parking Lot. Take a look through the photos to see some of the swag we will be selling. We can accept cash, credit or cheque. Sorry, we are not able to accept debit cards.

Chance to win a KATVA prize package containing a KATVA Single Annual Membership and some swag from our partners Kawartha Lakes Off-Road Recovery and Orillia Off-Road Recovery. There might even be a few KATVA items thrown in just for fun! To qualify, you will need to show proof that you are a member of any one of the following organizations: Kawartha Off-Road Motorcycle Club, Kawartha Lakes Off-Road Recovery, Orillia Off-Road Recovery, Kawartha ATV Association. No purchase is necessary!

You can also purchase KATVA Annual Memberships and temporary trail permits at this time.We are planning another Pop-Up Shop for August, but don’t have a firm date yet.

Also, some members of the club executive will be on hand. If you have any questions you want to ask about the club or are interested in volunteering please stop by for a chat.



As you may be aware, another suggested route was brought forward to City of Kawartha Lakes Council back in June as part of the proposal for a connecting link between the Logie Street and Thunder Bridge Road Trail Heads for ATV riders. Before making a decision, Council is asking residents and ATV riders for their feedback on the newest proposed route. We realize that you’ve taken the time to complete more than one petition and survey over this same issue, but we need your help again. Please take a few minutes to complete a short online survey that is now available on the CoKL Jump In site and will be available until July 30.

Follow this link to complete the survey. There are only 2 or 3 questions, depending on where you live:…/proposed-atv-route…

Note: you will need to create an account first if you didn’t participate in the last survey. If you did participate in the previous survey you can use the same email address to log into your existing profile. You can also take the survey over the phone at 705-324-9411 x 1339. Hard copies of the survey are available at the Lindsay Service Centre if you want to attend in person.

Please share this with your friends and family!

Photo Contest (6/29/2021)

NEW Photo contest

Prize: The Winner will receive a KATVA Metal Sign
Last Entry: November 30, 2021

The Rules:
1. Only KATVA members in good standing can enter to win.
2. The picture must contain any off road vehicle in a “Water Body” setting (Background or Crossing)
3. The picture can not contain any people in it.
4. The picture must be taken on KATVA Trails between today and the end of the riding season.
5. I will choose THREE FINALISTS and the ONE Winner will be chosen by the KATVA Board Members.
6. You can enter as many pictures as you like.
7. Only natural water bodies count Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Creeks etc. (Sorry No Puddles/Waterholes)
8. Please respect the environment, do NOT enter any water bodies that are not part of the trail system.

Please post your entry on the Facebook Post:

Very Important Tip:
I am looking for a PERFECT “Postcard Picture”, keep that in mind and you are that much closer to be the winner. Use some editing filters to make them colors pop. I can promise you, a simple screenshot will have no chance of winning.

Contest approved by Carolyn Graham Richards, President.

Temporary Closure of VRT (Ken Reid area) (6/24/2021)

The Victoria Rail Trail from Ken Reid Conservation Area to Naylor Road will be CLOSED June 28th & 29th for filming. Signs will be posted at the north and south ends.

Gates along the VRT (6/21/2021)

Your membership dollars at work.

Earlier this spring in partnership with the City of Kawartha Lakes we contracted a welder to repair and replace a number of gates on the VRTC north to control the size of SxS on the trail as per the bylaw and to keep cars and trucks off of the trails for everyone’s safety. Thank you to Scott and his team at Sadler Welding and Fabricating for their exceptional work on the gates. The gates will be repainted at a later date.

Our cost on this project was $10,000 and the City matched those funds to repair and replace additional gates. Once a final decision is made on the SxS trial we will continue to repair and replace the gates.

5 Points (6/21/2021)

This is to clarify some ongoing discussion regarding the 5 Points trail system….

At no time has anyone including the volunteers at KATVA ever said that the 5 points does not have a lot of crown land, in fact the majority of the 30,000 acres of bush is crown land, but there are also numerous parcels of private land in the 5 points. Some of these parcels have been owned by generations of the same families and many others have been bought and sold over the last 5 years, ours included.

As recently as a couple of months ago we signed a new land use agreement for a section of private land on a main trail that has always been assumed to be crown land and the landowners have requested that we install private property signs and enforce trail permits on their behalf. Those signs will start going up in the next couple of weeks. What some riders don’t realize or understand is that whether a trail is private property, municipal land or crown land KATVA is still required to pay to insure and maintain the trail. Riders also want clear concise signage and mapping of the trails and to be able to put a trail on a map the club is required to insure and steward the trail. It all comes down to liability for the landowner (including the Crown) and the club. Even if a 2 km trail only crosses private land for 30 feet we still have to insure the entire trail.

While we’re on the subject of insurance, just so you understand every ATV, snowmobile and dirt bike club in Ontario pays a set fee per km of trail in their trail inventory and per member of their club. If they don’t disclose their full inventory of trails then they are putting their organization at risk if there is a liability claim against them at some point. These insurance costs added up to over $20,000 for KATVA this year in addition to our costs to insure and maintain the equipment we use to maintain the trails. Remember, if you want to see a trail on a map/app then we have to pay to insure that trail!

We also have a hardworking crew of volunteers who are out there working every week on clearing trails and looking for hazards to keep the trails safe. We intentionally leave some trails as expert trails and only clear fallen trees to allow the more advanced technical riders to enjoy the challenges but we also have riders who prefer an easier ride so we make sure we have something to offer them. This work costs money. Every year we replace culverts, fix washouts, grade trails, move rock, all to the benefit of the riders and as a part of our partnership agreements with the snowmobile clubs and landowners.

So for those of you who want to go on about how crown land is free, think again. While you may not feel you should have to buy a permit to use those trails, if you don’t then you are enjoying the trails on the backs of the riders who contribute to the trails by buying a trail permit and the volunteers who still go out and work on the trails so that you can enjoy them!

Council to Vote on Road Route: June 15th (6/7/2021)

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Due to a very misleading headline printed by a local publication there seems to be a lot of confusion about the recent council meeting to discuss ATVs on roads in the town of Lindsay. There is no legal road route through the town of Lindsay at this time. It has not yet gone to council for a final vote. We anticipate this item to be on the agenda for the June 15th council meeting. We will keep you informed of any decisions made by city council at that time.

Trails are Open but Provincial Stay At Home Order in Effect (5/13/2021)

While trails remain open to motorized vehicles under municipal permissions, the current Stay at Home Order ( remains in effect. Off-road vehicle use may not be treated as permitted activities or exercise by local or provincial law enforcement. Our members are reminded to make themselves aware of provincial regulations and assume the risk for any legal fines or warnings they may be subject to if found in violation of them while using off-road vehicles on our trails.

Sandpit / Trail 40 Re-route (5/7/2021)

Important Notice regarding the 5 Points trails…..the sandpit and Trail #40 entering the 5 Points off of Bass Lane are all on private property and the landowner has had too many problems with people including but not limited to ATVs, SxS and motorcycles trespassing and abusing his property. It’s also become too much of a liability exposure for him so he has blocked off the sandpit and part of the original trail but allowed us to re-route the trail, it’s just a small section of the trail that has been moved and our volunteers have already signed the new section, please remember to always respect the trails and the landowners who so graciously allow us to use the trail and make sure you have your trail permit #katva #korma #5points

TRAILS TO OPEN MAY 1ST (with restrictions) (4/29/2021)

Victoria Rail Trail and Sommerville Forest trails are to open to motorized vehicles where permitted on May 1, 2021.  However, the Millennium Trail system will remain closed until June 1, 2021, as per usual season restriction.

Below is information surrounding Covid-19 Safety Protocols for Trail and Forest users.  The entire link is also below should you require any additional information.

All trail users are advised to adhere to the following COVID-19 safety protocols:

  • Observe physical distancing, maintain a physical distance from other users of a minimum of 2 metres at all times
  • A mask or face covering should be worn outdoors if physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • Share the pathway or trail. When approaching others, step off the pathway unless the path is wider than 6 feet. Both parties should do this
  • Be aware of high-touch areas, users are advised to wash/sanitize their hands before, during and after visiting the trail and after touching any surface
  • If the area you are visiting is busy and physical distancing is difficult, consider leaving and heading to a less crowded area
  • Avoid visiting trails if you or any members of your household are sick or not feeling well
  • Use at own risk

For more information on Municipal Forest Tracts visit the Parks and Forest Tracts page.

As a reminder, SXS are not allowed on any trails south of Northline Rd. The maximum width for a SXS on KATVA trails is 64 inches including all modifications. 

Visit for the current Provincial Restrictions.

Trails Closed Until May 1st (4/1/2021)

Just a reminder that trails remain closed until May 1st.

Thank you to all our members who patiently await the May 1 opening date. Kawartha Lakes has posted signs at the Somerville Forest to remind everyone of this date. Are you as excited as we are!? Riding season around the corner!

CKL Open Roads Task Force – SURVEY (3/20/2021)

Please take a moment to complete the survey for the City of Kawartha Lakes Open Roads Task Force.  We need your help if we’re going to make this happen.

http://CKL Task Force Survey

Thank you

CKL Opening the Roads Task Force (3/20/2021)
We need your help!!!!!
As you are well aware we have spent more than 10 years trying to open up an ATV/SxS route through the town of Lindsay to connect the north and south VRTC as well as opening more rural roads to allow residents to access the trails from their homes or access gas and restaurants while on the trails. Our goal is and always will be to find ways for riders to safely access the trails using road links
Our members have been asking for a route through Lindsay for many years now and it’s time to help us make that happen. Now the time has come for you to do your part!!!
In order to help facilitate this process, they are looking for input from residents and visitors regarding the use of off road vehicles on municipal roads within Kawartha Lakes.
You have 3 options:
The ORV Task Force will be hosting its first public meeting on March 19, 2021 at 10am where the group will be seeking public input on the Task Force’s recommendations for which roads to use to connect existing trails in Kawartha Lakes for off road vehicle use.
Option 1 – Residents are invited to speak, but must register by noon on March 17, 2021 in order to participate in the meeting. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures, the meeting will be held virtually through Zoom. To register, please contact Brianne Harrison by emailing
Option 2 – residents can also register to use the Jump In platform to ask questions online directly to the Task Force.
Option 3 – If you aren’t a resident or are a resident but don’t want to speak up at the meeting we ask that you at least send an email to the task force in support of opening all rural and village roads as well as routes through the town of Lindsay to connect the trails. You can email the task force directly at
As always, the anti-ATV groups are hard at work trying to stop this from happening and now it’s up to you to show your support. The task force needs to hear from the responsible ATV and SxS riders out there who follow the rules, understand what’s at stake and want to make this trial project successful. They need to know how much money you spend in the community when you’re riding (food, gas, accommodations, etc) and how important this opportunity is to you and your family. Please send an email to the task force before March 19th so that your submission can be taken into consideration.
Thank you.
Future of ORV Use in Cavan Monaghan (2/25/2021)

The numbers are in! As you know we’ve been advocating for opening the roads in Cavan Monaghan Township to ATVs and SXS. The Staff report has been posted and will been presented to Council this coming Monday (March 1st).


  • 423 Submissions: 277 for opening Cavan Ward to ORVs and 146 against
  • 3 Petitions received with a total of 674 names requesting opening the Township for ORVs

The ‘vote’ to open Cavan Ward and later look at the other 2 wards was almost 7 to 1!!! 

Link to the Staff Report: Cavan Monaghan ORV Staff Report – Feb 24, 2021

Thank You to All for your help to achieve these numbers on such short notice!  But we’re not done yet.


What’s next?

Council will be receiving the report this Monday, March 1, 2021 and will decide if they will just receive it or act on it now. We need Council to act on this at THIS meeting to be ready to ride legally this summer.

Mayor Scott McFadden and Councilor Tim Belch have supported opening the Township to OVR use in past votes.  Councilors Mathew Graham, Ryan Huntley and Cathy Moore have voted against.  However, Councilor Cathy Moore has stated publicly to many that she would “vote for ATVs if a majority of residents support it.’  We believe Councilor Moore’s vote is the swing vote.

We need you need to Act NOW.

Please email or text members of Council a quick, short but respectful note that you have read the Staff Report and are respectfully asking for immediate action to take place in order to allow legal ORV usage on Township properties in Cavan Ward by spring of this year.

Contact information is below.

Mayor: Scott McFadden


Text: 705-772-0360


Deputy Mayor: Mathew Graham


Text: (705) 418-1628


Cavan Ward Councillor: Cathy Moore


Text: (705) 760-3554


Millbrook Ward Councillor: Ryan Huntley


Text: (705) 760-1476


North Monaghan Ward Councillor: Tim Belch


Text: (705) 741-6976


Do this NOW – the Meeting is this coming Monday.


Once you and your family have done the above, please pass this information to your neighbours and friends. Let them know how important this issue is to you!

We stand united for Safe, Respectful, Responsible, Legal ORV Use in the Township.

With a Little Help from our Friends (2/23/2021)

As you know, we are planning an awesome event this spring for our single track riders with KORMA.  We’ve just received a HUGE helping hand from Podium Grafix!

Amazing news! Podium Grafix is sponsoring our Kawartha Kraken ride on May 29, 2021 with route arrows, rider decals, banners and more. Thanks for the support Podium Grafix! Learn more about their dirtbike decals and products.

(If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this, or other upcoming events, please contact us – it’s excellent companies like this that keep our sport going and our members informed on great products and services).

Off Road Vehicle Task Force (2/10/2021)

(Copied from the City of Kawartha Lakes website)

The first meeting for the Off Road Vehicle Task Force was held last week, where the team discussed first steps for reviewing current legislation and looked into developing educational content around important topics for ORV use. The goal of the Task Force is to provide advice and recommendations to Council on the use of off road vehicles, including all terrain vehicles and off road vehicles on municipal roads.

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'Off Road Vehicle Task Force Kawartha Lakes Jump In'

Respect ALL Trail Users (2/2/2021)

It’s incredibly disappointing to have to say this again but we are getting complaints about ATVs and SxS on the snowmobile trails again. This is a reminder that ALL KATVA trails are closed until May 1st. We finally have some snow and the snowmobile clubs are hard at work trying to build a base and groom trails so that their members can enjoy what little time they have left of an incredibly short season. The ATVs and SxS are creating ruts and making the trails dangerous for sleds.

Remember, if you are on the trails you are TRESPASSING and can be charged. The Somerville Forest and VRTC are owned by the municipality and many of the 5 points trails are privately owned land. Continuing to trespass and we will lose the privilege of using these trails during our riding season. More importantly, show some respect for our snowmobile friends!


OFTR Member Registration Open (1/20/2021)

Registration for the 2021 riding season is now open!

Its time to renew your OFTR memberships and don’t forget to pick KORMA as your club! All funds go back into building new trails and maintaining the existing trails.

Click here to go to OFTR website.

GREAT NEWS for ROADS ACCESS – Trent Lakes (1/20/2021)
We have really great news!! Our president Carolyn Richards did a deputation before the Trent Lakes council on December 15th to request access for ATVs, SxS and green plated motorcycles (dirt bikes) on all township roads and we received notice today that the council voted in favour of the bylaw and it’s been passed. This means that green plated motorcycles can now unload in places like Bass Lake Road and travel to the trails, and connect between the trails on Crystal Lake Road and the forest access road as well as others.
One more reason to join us! For KORMA, sign up at OFTR and choose KORMA as your club. We’re constantly advocating on behalf of our members to the local townships to gain access to more trails and roads!!