It’s with great disappointment that we must announce the permanent closure of two main trails in our 5 Points trail system. Trails #46, off Bass Lake Road, and trail #50, which is the main route to Kinmount have both been closed at the request of landowners. In all fairness to these landowners, they have been very patient and generous over the years, allowing us to use these trails on their private property. Unfortunately, due to lack of respect shown to these landowners, they have decided to close the trails to ATV’s and will be erecting barriers to block access. One of the landowners has actually caught ATV riders cutting new trails on his property without his knowledge and permission, and it was done during the hunting season, when the trails are closed to ATV’s and the landowner uses his property to hunt. Riders have repeatedly argued with them that the 5 Points is all Crown Land, which it is not. Please mark your maps accordingly and obey No Trespassing signs when out on the trails. Please note that both parties acknowledged that the riders they had problems with were not members of KATVA. This makes it even more important for us to continue to educate others about riding responsibly. We will post a phot map of these asap.

46 Closure3


K50 Alt route