Safety is a Priority

The popularity of off-roading has grown substantially in the last few years and especially with Covid-19 as new-to-the-sport riders embarked on getting out on the trails and joining clubs for physical activity and mental health.  And although referred to as “toys” ATVs and SXS are dangerous and powerful machines.  Safety must be a priority of all clubs for two main reasons – so no one gets hurt, and to ensure the longevity of our sport.  Additionally, safety is important to our club for liability insurance, partner cooperation and club growth.

KATVA takes safety seriously.  We cannot stress enough the importance of riding within your skill level. We colour-code our trails on our maps, encourage safe riding practices and train our Trail Patrol to educate and promote safety on the trails.  Riders must be aware that difficult terrain and extreme conditions can be encountered on some KATVA trails and in neighbouring jurisdictions.

Safety Training

We have made it a priority to promote safety skills training for ATV and SXS users of all ages and experience.  KATVA has our own qualified trainers and we offer different courses throughout the riding season.  We also endorse training programs developed by the Canadian ATV Safety Institute (CASI) and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA)  If you are interested in attending a course please contact us at for more information.

We want to ensure that new riders respect their machine and learn responsible riding practices early in their riding career. Additionally, we want to help seasoned riders break dangerous riding habits and mentor them to become more skilled riders. Moreover, we want our members, non-members and other users to enjoy our trails for years to come.

We advocate safe riding practices in local schools and wherever given the opportunity to instil safety early on for our youth riders and families.  If you are interested in receiving a Youth Safety Package, please email us at for more information.  

For the Continuation of Our Sport and Our Club

As Ontario’s largest ATV club, we want to lead by example. The strongest argument opponents to our sport cite is safety – to themselves, their properties, on our roads and to ourselves as riders.  We need to turn this into our strongest argument to ensure continuation of trail privileges, trail growth and accessibility, and so the sport in general can be enjoyed by generations to come. By building an expectation of safe operation of ATVs and SXS and the responsible use of trails, our sport can continue to grow and be enjoyed by many.

Our Training Team

Carolyn Graham Richards
Al Balvers
Bob Kish
Steve Lane
Don Chapman

CASI Training Program (Canadian ATV Safety Institute)

This program is the backbone of our safety training focus. Our goal is to graduate as many novice riders (members and non-members) as possible.  Additionally, we want to grow our number of certified trainers by encouraging experienced riders to share their knowledge and experience. The CASI program is an initiative of the Canadian AQCC Safety Institute, a division of the Canadian Quad Council (AQCC/CQC). It is affiliated with ASI (US) and is endorsed by government, manufacturers and clubs across Canada and the US.

Training is designed for youth and adults learning to ride and offers good basic instruction. Many seasoned riders would benefit from safety training to overcome bad habits, reinforce what they already know, and improve their overall skill set. The course offers participants an opportunity to increase their safety knowledge and to practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment, under the direct supervision of a Certified Instructor. KATVA is also leading corporate training sessions for groups who use ATVing as part of their job. Past trainees include MNR Wardens and CKL By-law Officers. It’s good for riders and the ATV industry to support the training. At some point, rider training and licensing may even become mandatory in Ontario. 

All members and their children and grandchildren receive a 15% discount on Rider Training courses.

1. Youth Training

Cost: $85 plus HST (before discounts)

Training Dates:

June 26, 2021 – FULL

July 24, 2021 – FULL

August 21, 2021 – Space Available

September 18, 2021 – Space Available

To register, please email

KATVA is actively endorsing and promoting ATV rider safety training for youth aged 12 to 17 years old. The reason is quite simply to help ensure that kids who ride ATVs learn safe and best riding practices early. If you or someone you know would benefit from training, sign up or give them a gift of safety training. We have several member families with kids who ride or want to ride. Their safety and responsible riding has to be a priority for us. Our commitment to this initiative can help prevent unnecessary accidents and reduce risks on trails we manage. It will also help us develop future riders’ attitudes toward the recreation we all love. For a school-aged child, 12 years or older, who rides an ATV or wants to, we encourage you to sign them up for safety training now. For a Full Day Course, the fee is $85 plus HST (before discounts). For more information about youth training, simply email us at

2. Adult Training

Cost: $125 plus HST (before discounts)

While CASI centres on youth, adults learning to ride need good, basic instruction as well. For that matter, many riders, whether new or seasoned, would benefit from safety training simply to help kick bad habits, reinforce what we already know, and improve our overall skill set. The course offers students an opportunity to increase their safety knowledge and to practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a Certified Instructor. For a Full Day Course Hands On, the adult fee is $125 plus HST (before discounts). For more information about adult training, send us an email at, if you attend a major trade show featuring ATVs, you may have an opportunity to participate in a training program during your visit. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Instructor yourself or if you simply want to know more, visit

ROHVA (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association) Training Program

ROV Basic DriverCourse (RBDC)

KATVA offers this course designed for UTV/SXS users, conducted by ROV DriverCoaches who are specially trained and authorized to conduct the course. The ROHVA Course is a partial-day program with three hours of riding time and between-exercise discussions. The ROHVA Course includes six closed range exercises and up to seven optional open trail experiences, depending on terrain.

The ROHVA Course is a training opportunity that provides current and experienced UTV/SXS users to learn and practice basic skills and techniques and emphasizes safety awareness related specifically to areas of skill and risk management strategies. This includes learning experiences to foster driver gains in basic knowledge, skill, attitude, values, and habits. Learn more about the DriverCourse here

We invite riders of all ages to sign up for our organized rides. They offer opportunities to explore our trails and develop your skills. We are always interested in hearing from would-be Ride Leaders too. Ride Leaders must possess advanced riding skills.