Welcome Riders

We plan rides for members, guests, and visitors that appeal to beginner, intermediate, and expert rider skill-sets. If you are new to KATVA and have not participated in one of our organized rides, we invite you to join in the challenges and fun. If you are not a member of KATVA or live outside our ride area, but want to participate, we welcome you. All riders, club members or not, must pre-register for organized rides. Additionally, you are responsible for ensuring that you have a valid KATVA or HATVA membership or permit, which can be purchased on ride day.

The rides vary in length, location, and season to ensure that there are several opportunities to experience Kawartha trails and the camaraderie that happens during each ride. All riders must possess the appropriate riding skills required for any ride. We enforce a zero tolerance for alcohol on all rides for safety and insurance reasons. Valid insurance is your responsibility.

Here’s a selection of scheduled rides for the upcoming season: