Are you wondering where you can ride with your KATVA trail pass? Let us clear up any confusion for you…..

Over 10 years ago Kawartha ATV Association and Haliburton ATV Association formed a reciprocal agreement to allow our members to ride each others trails. It’s the longest and most successful reciprocal agreement in Ontario to this day.

Over the years other organizations have come on board
– Algonquin West ATV Club
– Lake of Bays ATV Club
– Quad Niagara

We all run on reciprocal agreements and run our clubs individually but work together behind the scenes to provide our collective membership the best connected trail system in Ontario. What this does for us is it allows to be able to build and open new trails every single year.

We offer over 3000 kms of mapped trails for our members and by that we mean “real” trails, not roads. The road access is just a bonus. We have everything from rail beds to white knuckle rock climbs and everything in between. If you’re looking for mud holes we have plenty of those too. Not to leave out Quad Niagara because they are an equally important part of our group. It amazes us every day that this club has been able to secure trails in an area such as there’s and we are happy to have them on board with us.

We even own some of our trail system. Yes that’s right, in 2019 KATVA purchased our first block of land within the 5 points trail system to guarantee our riders would never lose access to those trails.

We all work well together because we respect each other and all want the best for our members. We also pool our resources and volunteers at times to work on larger trail projects. We are trail partners and most importantly friends.

So for $125.00 membership fee you can be a part of our “Family of Clubs” and ride our amazing trail systems. What are you waiting for?……………..